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      Lady Wyndover smiled on him.Shes right, he said. If shes got to go, shes got to go. Three Star aint going to stand in her way. Well give her a good send-off, boys. Come down to Dans and lets get out the programme. And almost in silence the crowd went down the hill again.

      My God! said Norman. I never thought of that! What is to be done?She looked at Esmeralda with intent interest and admiration, and when Lady Wyndover mentioned Esmeraldas name, Madame Cerises interest grew quite vivid, for the story of Esmeraldas fortune had already got into the society papers.

      Yes, sir, said Trafford, gravely.

      If I were only dead!You will soon, very soon, said Lady Wyndover.

      I take an interest in everything concerning you, my dear, said the duke. I have not had a daughter until[217] now, and my interest has been accumulating, you see. It is to be a large party, is it not?


      And he is as good as he looks, as the books say. There is not a man in the room who can do the things men do as well as he can.She did not finish the sentence, but pressed his arm, and looked into his face with a little blush.


      His brain was at work, and at work clearer than Traffords, for many reasons; Esmeralda was not all the world to him now; though he loved her as a sister is loved, and he could be calmer than Trafford.


      No, you wouldnt have been able to go by the Neptune, though, for she was full up. Her last two berths were taken this afternoon.